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Every company faces different challenges when it comes to communication. We help you with our PR solutions and publish your content where it will be seen. All relevant German media channels and end consumers are approached simultaneously. Publishing content has never been so effective!

You need help with your PR-work?
We have a simple solution:



  • Placement in the biggest German PR portal
  • Exclusive access to journalists and all relevant media channels
  • Native advertising
Exclusive services

Exclusive services

  • Individual consultation
  • Specific keywording of your content
  • Personal check of press releases


  • Digital newsroom on
  • Search engine optimization
  • Automatic publication on social media channels
Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization

  • Responsive design
  • Higher findability over Google AMP
  • Facebook instant articles


  • Numbers and facts for your reporting
  • Integrated analysis tool
  • Comparison of all of your press releases


  • Unified communication from one source
  • Adaptable to any campaign
  • All touch points and target groups can be addressed

About Us

news aktuell, a subsidiary of the dpa Group is located in the heart of the media metropolis of Hamburg.
We provide companies and organizations with effective PR tools to enhance their media success and to create more engagement with their specific target groups. Our ambition is to fulfill their requirements, needs and goals concerning all communication matters.

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